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Hummingbird Speaker

Hummingbird Speaker

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Make any surface a loudspeaker

The innovative speaker turns anything hollow into a customized speaker!

Audio, meet innovation. The next-gen speaker uses bone-conduction technology to protect your music from almost any surface.

Transforms anything into a speaker!

Hummingbird Speaker is the world’s smallest and most versatile bone conduction speaker that allows you to have a different but always spectacular experience of sound anywhere, in any context, place, or time!

Blast Music whenever, wherever

Hummingbird Speaker allows you to listen to music, follow podcasts, have individual phone conversations or conference calls, and even enjoy an amazing experience of the sound of your games, videos, or films played on your device.

it's Portable & Powerful

The Hummingbird Speaker might be as small as a quarter but it delivers a powerful sound profile. It's 10x louder than an iPhone speaker and produces a breathtaking stereo sound and deep bass with its internal speakers.


  • Cabinet Material: Metal
  • Audio Crossover: Two-Way
  • Channels: 2 (2.0)
  • Feature: None
  • Output Power: 3W


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